About Rising Magazine

Rising magazine has come
about out of inspiration to have a
platform on which to express more of the philosophy,
ideas and creativity involved in Sunrise and the scene that it
is within, and has evolved from – and as the voice of The Natural
Communities Foundation.
In the spirit of Brian Viziondanz (see article) this is our addition to “The
We are at an unprecedented place in human history. There are no rules, no
road map. Things are not static, but part of an evolutionary process. It is up
to us to create what we wish as we continually define and re-define our world.
And in the words of Buckminster Fuller:

“ You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

♥ Rising explores just a few of the ideas out
there that are doing just that! With Love ♥

Introducing The Natural Communities Foundation

The Natural Communities Foundation, NCF is a charity
set up by the organisers of Sunrise to fulfil their charitable
intentions and that of the event. The Charity will partake
in projects that help our connection; to the land, community
and spirit. Working alongside the enormous, expanding network
of organisations and individuals who are re-establishing a natural
way of being on this planet and a holistic world view through their
projects and lifestyles.
NCF ‘s first project has been the planting of native woodland at Gilcombe
Farm and a community fruit and nut orchard. Future projects include a Multi-Faith
Temple, eco-community support and a Sustainable land project.
For more info please visit www. Naturalcommunitiesfoundation.org
This year Sunrise Celebration is held in aid of The Natural Communities Foundation.

Editor: Felipe@sunrisecelebration.com

Info: 0845 0094463
Natural Communities Foundation, Unit 12, 56-58 High St, Glastonbury, BA6 9DY

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